Santa’s workshop can’t run itself! Every year, hundreds of volunteers donate their time and resources to help us collect and sort through donations. Want to help us spread the Christmas spirit? There’s an opportunity for everyone. We welcome our volunteers to take on more than one role!

Please note: all volunteers – new and returning – are required to register with us before volunteering.

Volunteer opportunities

Show elves

Our special show elves perform Christmas shows starting in November, right up until Christmas Eve to raise funds and gifts. For this role, we look for cheery volunteers who can bring a special touch and Christmas magic to corporate Santa parties across the city. Expect to chat with guests, sing carols, and support Santa when having his photo taken, among other requests. Being a show elf is fantastic training for anyone who wants to ride a bus on Christmas Eve!

Workshop elves

These incredible elves help us sort, organize, pack, pile, and fill Santa’s reindeer buses with donations. This group also helps keep us organized leading up to our busiest day of the year. Want to help? Drop by for a few hours in December and we’ll be happy to put you to work. Because we operate out of a giant warehouse, we often require 100+ workshop elves for the week leading up to Christmas Eve.

“Little workshop elves” who want to help sort will require adult supervision.

Pick-up drivers

Santa can’t pick up all of the donations we receive by himself! Our charity needs extra hands to pick up donation boxes scattered across the city. If you can volunteer to pick up even one box of donations in your neighbourhood, you’ll be a hero!

Publicity elves

We are thankful for elves with crafty skills and resources who want to help us spread the word. Know anyone who makes videos and would like to help shoot and edit promotional footage? Know a local celebrity who might be interested in tweeting about us or hosting an event?  We need all the help we can get to tell people about the work we do!

Corporate and sponsor elves

We couldn’t help thousands of Calgarians each year without our corporate and sponsor elves! Do you work for a company that is eager to support a local charity? There are lots of ways to help: borrow a donation box for your workplace, sponsor us or run a campaign, or invite us to host a fundraiser for you and your colleagues. We’re open to creative ideas!

Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.

Register to volunteer

When you’re ready, sign up for a role on our volunteer registration page.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page.